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Career Highlights

2019   ONE REELER SHORT FILM COMPETITION. "Sick" Honorable Mention. Live Action Short Film. 

2018   GLOBAL SHORTS. "Oniros" Award of Merit. Live Action Short Film. 

2018   INDIE FEST FILM AWARDS. "Oniros" Award of Recognition. Live Action Short Film. 

2017   ART IN PUBLIC PLACES. Muralist for various venues in state of Jalisco, Mexico.

2017   "BOWERS MUSEUM" MOTAL (Museum of Teaching and Learning) Group Art Show, Orange County; USA.        

2015   "OC REGISTER" Outstanding CSUF alumni. Honorific mention. Orange County, California; USA.

2014    "SCULPTURES IN THE GARDEN"  Sculpture installation show.

            California State University Fullerton campus. California, USA.

2014    "IGNITE - THE ART OF SUSTAINABILITY" Art Collective Nikkei Heritage and Agricultural Museum.

            Orange County, California; USA.

2013    "ANIMATION MAGAZINE" Animated short pitch competition. Finalist. Los Angeles , CA

2013     HONORIFIC MENTION. by Camilo Ramirez Minister of arts and culture, state of Jalisco. Guadalajara, Mexico

2013     ANIMATION AND FILM CONVENTION Speaker Guadalajara, Mexico

2012    DESIGN AND ELABORATION OF MURAL. Made in collaboration with Beckman Coulter Inc.

            California State University Fullerton campus. California, USA

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2011    DESIGN OF MONUMENT ON PERMANENT DISPLAY. California State University Fullerton campus. California, USA.

2011    ORANGE COUNTY OLD COURTHOUSE MUSEUM. Exhibition Design, Graphic Designer and Illustrator.

            By MOTAL (Museum of Teaching and Learning) Orange County, California; USA.

2010    "DISTINCTIVE STUDENT WORK" Honorific mention by James Gurney Author and artist of Dinotopia

2010    KEY ART AWARDS Official Selection. Trailer editor for the movie "Atonement" Los Angeles California; USA

2010    SKATE THIS ART Group show North Beach San Francisco, California; USA

2009    THE SOUL OF THE GARDEN Design and elaboration of mural on permanent display.

            California State University Fullerton campus. California, USA.

2009    FLAME OF THE NAUTILUS Solo show Exit Gallery California State University Fullerton, California; USA

2007    PENCIL MILEAGE CLUB GALLERY SHOW Group Show Display of work made by the members of The Pencil Mileage Club.

            Exit Gallery California State University Fullerton Fullerton, California; USA. 

2005    STORIES OF A NAGUAL Invited by artist Camilo Ramirez Espacio del arte TELEVISA. Guadalajara, Jalisco; Mexico.

2005    MAGIANIMATION Group show Les Fleurs du Mort Guadalajara, Jalisco; Mexico.  

2005    FANTASYARTE Group show and performance F-Bolko Guadalajara, Jalisco; Mexico.  

2004    El GUARDIAN Monument on permanent display Design and elaboration of 18 feet tall abstract sculpture. 

            University of Guadalajara. Guadalajara, Jalisco; Mexico.

2004    GRITARTE Group show UNIVA Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Jalisco; Mexico. 

2003    A NEW WORLD Group show International Airport Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Jalisco; Mexico.

2003    THE GUARD Group show Tapatio Hotel Guadalajara, Jalisco; Mexico.  

2003    LA BUSQUEDA Group show Exconvento del Carmen Guadalajara, Jalisco; Mexico.

2002    NONSENSE Solo show University Unico Guadalajara, Jalisco; Mexico  

2002    RITMO Y COLOR Group show Harbor Front Toronto, Canada.

2001    PASSAGES OF A TRAVELER Solo show Hall of Culture.Mexico City.  

2001    HISTORIES  Solo show Museum of Contemporary Art for young minds. Monterrey, Mexico.  

2001    ALBERTOLITIC First solo show. Display of fifteen sculptures of a medium scale format. Work made out of ceramic and

            mixed media, characterized by a mix of  diverse metals, wood and different finishing techniques. Cultural Center

            "El Refugio" Guadalajara, Jalisco; Mexico.

1999    PLASTIC EXPRESSIONS OF THE XX CENTURY Group Show. Alternating with artists like Jose Fors, Jose Luis Valsoto and

            Alejandro Colunga among others. Cultural Center "El Refugio" Guadalajara, Jalisco; Mexico.

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